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Although timeing and budgetary concerns ar enot the only measure of success, our clients know they can rely on us to deliver base dupon or commitements. 

We have eanred a reputation as a vendor who takes pride in the quality if services provided.   The systems we implemnt act as our legacy within our cusotmers organizations a fact that we are not only aware of but relish 

As important as the price and quality of the service is the relavance of the offering.  Reagrdless if it is a product we offer or a service we provide, the end result of the project must result in a positive impact on the firm's bottom line, highetend services to either the firm's attorneys r clients or imporvement of operational efficiency. 

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We treat each of our customers’ businesses like we were owners.  This mindset guides our approach to every project to ensure we deliver the best value possible.     We believe that in doing so will yield long term benefits to our business in the way of tenacious customer loyalty.


IntelliMetrics brings decades of experience in law firm financial systems management and design to bear to offer high quality consulting services to its law firm customers.  Our strengths include; software design, integration services bringing together disparate systems, business process consulting and custom management reporting solutions. We also specialize in Business Intelligence products and practices.